File Preparation

Some of our products cannot be ordered using the Product Builder such as our Framed Prints or Jigsaw. This information applies to customers sending files for these products on disk, e-mail or FTP. Please send all files as either JPEG or TIFF format files. Please DO NOT use illegal characters in file names or folder names (Alphanumeric characters only).

Please name your files as the product you wish to order as they appear online or in our brochure. So for a 12x16 Band A Whitewash Framed Print please name the file 12x16 Band A Whitewash Framed Print (then either .jpeg or .tiff).

For multiple copies of images please state the file name with the image quantity desired. For example, if you wish to order 4 copies of 12x16 Band A Whitewash Framed Print.tiff then please state 4 x 12x16 Band A Whitewash Framed Print.tiff

ALL files must be cropped to the correct proportions of the final print size to avoid confusion with producing the final product. If you have any problems with our systems or you require additional information on ordering a certain product please feel free to contact us on 0191 2560633 or email:

Colour Management

We will always endeavor to achieve the closest possible match from monitor to print match.

Our monitors and printers are calibrated on a weekly basis but it is necessary for you to make a number of adjustments to your images at your end in order to achieve better results.

To calibrate your monitor you will need to purchase a monitor calibration device to create a monitor profile and make sure your ambient light around your work station is not effecting how you perceive your images.

Also, please embed your files with the ICC profile sRGB. This is the profile we use for all of our printing and has the closest gamut to photographic paper.